A Children’s Book About Gratitude, Change and Resilience … An Essential Narrative For Our Times!   

Do you want to teach your kids the power of resilience and gratitude when things in their lives change?

One of the most important skills any of us can learn and master!Are you in the majority of parents, that understand the importance of being able to teach your children, to be open and flexible when things change in life unexpectedly? This makes sense. It’s an important lesson for us all to learn, and keep practising as we grow older and are presented with challenges on our paths. Stories like this help to teach your young ones these important lessons.

The best Social-Emotional learning book to teach your children about how to respond when life changes in unexpected ways 

Life is impermanent, and the only constant is change. This ancient parable presents another way to look at life, and how to embrace loss and change, and move forward with the spirit of adventure and discovery. This ancient parable is re-told in a charming way with lyrical text and incredible illustrations to convey a simple yet powerful message that will resonate with all ages.

Children Learn Best Through The Medium of Story-Telling and Examples 

As we follow the tale of the little boy, and the things that happen to him, we are shown examples of how he approached each circumstance with equanimity, and being open to discovering new ways. Throughout the story we learn how what appears to be ‘bad’ or a ‘problem’ actually can be a ‘blessing in disguise’, and by going with the flow of life, we are led to gratitude, love, joy and wisdom.


‘The Beautiful Mare’ is intended for children of all ages.

We warmly recommend it to Parents, Teachers, and anyone who works with children.


The beautiful mare and the boy who gave thanks





" The wise man said, ‘I don’t know if it’s good or bad. I just know I have a beautiful mare.’ And the boy said, ‘I think I’ll ride the mare.’ And so he did."

-The Beautiful mare and the boy who gave thanks